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Zero-Magnetic Transfer Gurney

Zero-Magnetic Transfer Gurney


  • Best-in-class robust design and manufacture for a long life in your busy MRI facility.
  • Superior Zero-Magnetic castors for low-resistance roll and easy maneuvering.

 Manufactured in heavy-grade aluminum, the fixed height gurney provides safe and simple transfer to the MR table:
• MR Conditional to 7 Tesla.
• Fixed height, simply configurable to one of three heights at time of assembly.
• Drop safety sides.
• Adjustable ten position backrest.
• Buffer strip for impact protection.
• Non-marking, low rolling resistance ferrous free castors and foot operated brakes.
• Flame retardant, high density mattress in a wipe clean material for superior infection control.
• Four IV Pole fixing points.
• Weight capacity 485lbs.
• Finished in hardwearing epoxy powder coating.
• Full 12-month warranty, including all moving and soft parts.
• Manufactured in accordance with international quality standards ISO9001:2008 & ISO13485:2003.

  • Height Options: 29.5”, 31.5”, 33.5”
  • Mattress Thickness: 3”
  • Overall Length of Top Section: 79”
  • Overall Width of Top Section: 25.5”