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About Zero-Magnetic™ working

What is Zero-Magnetic™ working?

Zero-Magnetic working is the practice whereby all non-essential ferromagnetic items are excluded from Zone IV (the MRI room).

Zero-Magnetic transfer equipment for your patients

Most MR Conditional patient transfer equipment contains small quantities of residual ferrous material that makes it incompatible with ferromagnetic detection systems.  Ferroguard-Approved patient transfer equipment is certified Zero-Magnetic™ and will ensure that your non-ambulatory patients benefit from the added ferromagnetic safety enabled by Ferroguard.

Ferroguard-Approved non-ferrous patient transfer equipment is the product of our in depth understanding of magnetics. It has been carefully designed and developed not only to be safe, but also to ensure your sophisticated Ferroguard entry control systems perform consistently across your entire patient population.


Zero-Magnetic folding portering chair

Manufactured entirely from non-ferrous, non-magnetic materials, Ferroguard approved folding portering chairs have been developed for practicality and ease of patient access and egress.

Zero-Magnetic transfer gurney

Ferroguard approved fixed height gurneys are uniquely constructed using non-magnetic materials.


For more information, please download our Zero-Magnetic™ working brochure

Ferroguard Zero-Magnetic™ transfer equipment is MRI Conditional (tested to 7T)